Flower Farmer inspiration

flower farming sources
Would love this farm setting

Here is a little of where I got my flower farmer inspiration. I do get some weird looks and questions from people when they find out I am growing flowers to sell. ” Sooo you like sell plants for people to buy….so what do you mean cut flowers? You must have a massive garden, wow I would love to see your yard. Where did you come up with that? That is interesting?”  My answers though can be a little on the boring side.  “No I don’t sell plants”, cut flowers, you know like the bouquets you can buy at the store….No I don’t have a massive garden and my yard is questionable.  Although I do agree with the interesting part. It is also satisfying, addicting, and it takes work.

Books and Blogs

A few years ago I borrowed a book from the library called The flower farmer by Lynn Byczynski. I loved it. It was chalked full of information and inspiration. I did not really think about people actually ” farming flowers”. She had a small scale cut flower garden, that I copied on paper and was going to plant the following spring. I had no intention at that point to grow to sell. I bought the book!

Floret Blog
Source Floret

I am not sure how I stumbled on floret. However this was the second batch of kindling that fueled my cut flower obsession. Erin Benzakein and her husband Chris have this amazing flower farming story. You should take the time to read a little about it. I also bought her book Cut Flower Garden . Amazing. Did I already say amazing..Erin also has a blog and sells seeds and tubers.

So one thing led to another and I decided to jump in. In the spring of 2017 I bought my first seeds from floret and Johnnys Seeds and got to work.

Another one of my sources of information has been from Curtis Stone ,he is an urban farmer from Kelowna British Columbia. I have learned a lot about soil management and crop rotation etc. Interesting stuff…

Continuing Education

I am convinced after my first year that I will be in constant learning mode. I hope to attend a few workshops in the coming year. It will be nice to learn “in real life mode”. I will keep you posted!


Flower farm update

Hi, its been awhile. I thought I would do a quick flower farm update. It has been a learning curve for sure. I think I have flowers on my mind 24/7. I hope you enjoy all the pictures. Here are some lovely iris’. I have a whole new appreciation for this old-fashioned flower!! They have such an amazing scent!!

 This little raised bed is where I have planted my sweet peas. I didn’t realize that they  had such an attitude. I am thinking that they are a little behind then most so I am not sure if I am going to get any flowers from them or not. Lesson for next year. Do not start inside as early, they got a little leggy and plant them out a little earlier in the season…….and give them a little cover.This is just a random shot of my side garden. I am loving the spreading Sedum.  Here is a peek of the snapdragon and the strawberries. Both are growing slowly. I think I will get a few berries this year. Like with the sweet peas….some lessons learned with the snaps, therefor I will take notes and hopefully learn from my mistakes.  My peony bush in bloom and they smelled so heavenly. I am hoping to plant a bunch more of these wonderful shrubs this fall. I will have to wait a few years to get many blooms but it will be worth it. This is a snap of a snap. My first blooming one!!! So exciting even if it is slightly bent. Bloom number 2….also bent out of shape:)The dusty miller is doing pretty good. I think I need to start these a little earlier next year.

Wrap up

I have had a little tiny experience with hail and crops…..we had a hail storm come through and it shredded leaves on my tiny wonders…it was so disappointing. My hydrangea shrubs and dogwoods suffered leaf damage also.  I am holding my breath that I have quite a few blooms in a few weeks. I have my first delivery to Mama’s Happy in Independence Mn.