Starting Seeds indoors ” Not to do”

I thought I would share my seed starting failures today! Here is a list of 5 mistakes I made when starting seeds indoors. 

1. Do not plant 2 types of seeds in the same tray. Why? Well my experience was that the 2 types of seeds grew at different times and grew to different heights. So when I adjusted the lights for the taller plants the shorter ones were then that much further away from the light source obviously, and now they are tending to grow a little spindly then I would like. 

2. Do not plant too early. Why? I was so excited to start my plants that I started a few things too early. The package for the snapdragons said to plant 8-10 weeks before the last frost and the sweet pea package said 10-12 weeks before last frost. I think I planted them both about 12 weeks before out last frost date and they are getting so tall!! I moved them out to the garage in front of a north facing window and they are doing good out there, except that I think by the time I plant them outside they will be monsters in tiny little seed trays!! 

3. Over water. Why? This seems so so obvious, but well I over watered a few trays. Low and behold. Root rot and damping off. I had to throw the trays away. It was so sad. I need to get over the fact that they are JUST seedlings and I can always regrow more.

4. Underwater. Why? Hello self,,,little plants need drinks too. After over watering and killing some, I under watered and killed some more. 

5. Forget to label. Why? I thought I would totally remember what I planted where……oh yeah sure!!! 

It has been such a learning curve. I am sure I will repeat some of these failures again and again. I probably could have did a list of 10 things or 20 for that matter. Oh well it has been interesting. I am learning a bunch. In my next post I will share what I did to have indoor seed planting success. So fun…see you soon