Starting a flower farm


I hope you enjoy this journey with me!
I am starting a new flower farm this year. It is a daunting and exciting process. I have thought about it for years and decided to jump in feet first!!! I thought it would be fun to document my progress and decided to do it in blog form. My little farm (puney) farm is called Midwest Cut Flowers. I am located in the wonderful state of Minnesota. I live about 30 miles west of the twin cities. We live on 2 acres… you are wondering if that is enough land to have a farm? Well according to Erin Benzakein from Floret flowers 2 acres is enough. I have read her new book Cut flower garden front to back. I have also bought a book The flower farmer by Lynn Byczynski and read that beautiful piece probably 5 times. Both books have great information of planting seeds, growing and tending the precious plants. I have loved flowers for as long as I can remember. So this sudden dive into flower farming does not surprise the hubby.
I have spent hours looking a seed magazines and trying to remind myself that I need to start at a reasonable….yes “reasonable” size. So I have decided to start with 6 20ft beds. Oh and I have a small plot up by the house and oh yeah I can stick some plants by the shop……see this could be dangerous. The kids do need some yard!! Don’ they????
I peeled up the grass…..what a pain in the back. I covered the beds w black plastic. Weed control. I am so excited about the soil. It is beautiful. I am adding compost and a few other goodies to it. I am trying a low till method of farming. I have watched this amazing guy and am trying to apply his techniques to my little dream. I am going to say this now and I will probably repeat myself again and again. ” This is a lot of work. Fun work. Hard work. but work no less” So please follow me and keep up with my successes and failures… there will be those…already has been those…but pull up the socks in my rubber boots and continue on.