midsummer flowers

Summer is quickly passing…..it has been totally crazy around here. Here are some pictures of the gardens. The flowers are showing their stuff. It is so amazing that I grew most of these from a tiny little seed!!! The snapdragons keep rewarding me and coming back. This is the first year that I grew them and expected them to only last until the heat came.

self seeding sunflower and tall proud snapdragons

This picture was taken just as the fog was beginning to lift. The sunflower in the picture overwintered and I have been loving the blooms. Some have been way to big for a bouquet but the smaller ones are awesome.

sweet peas

The sweet peas did great. They are fading now but the fragrance is still there!!

bucket of blooms with coffee

I never tire of seeing all the harvested blooms in a bucket. Notice the much needed coffee:) I try to cut early in the morning before the heat affects the blooms.


I am going to for sure plant statice again next year. I makes an awesome filler and dries awesome for dried bouquets.


I absolutely love Dahlia’s. I bought these bulbs fromĀ Floret. All but 2 grew great. They are so amazing. You should do yourself a favor and plant at least one bulb next spring. My guess is that you will fall head over heels for them.

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