Flower farm update

Hey, happy summer. It is flying by!!! It has been to long since I have posted anything for you all to read. I am so sorry:) We were on vacation and when I got home my flowers literally exploded. I totally missed the perfect window to bring 2 varieties down to the flower exchange in St Paul!! Oh well, better luck next year self!

actually to tell you the truth, these pictures are a few weeks old. I am headed out with my trusty canon right now to capture some more…….hopefully post those early next week with a little more explanation about what you are looking at. I am hoping to do my first farmers market on Saturday… stay tuned:)

3 Replies to “Flower farm update”

  1. Your flower bundles are SO beautiful! I love the raspberry leaves added in. You have so much time and work put into this. I hope next year is a breeze for you! Love all the pictures…we are bone dry, so I’m gardening thru you:) Love to yours!

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