About me

me ( new clearer, more professional photo in the works:)

Hey there, I am Rhonda. Nice to meet you! Here is a little about me and Midwest Cut Flowers. Welcome to the Midwest! Minnesota based and Canadian born, what can be better. ( don’t answer that:)

I am first of all a wife to a loving husband of many years and a mom to a bunch of wonderful kids.  Second of all….I am a flower gardener turned wannabe flower farmer, a sewer with an obsession for Marimekko and linen fabrics, a chef because I have to be, a mediocre baker because I want to be.


The flower farmer part of me has kind of taken over. It has been an awesome learning experience. I have met a lot of wonderful people and am in awe of a bunch more. 2017 was my first year growing to sell! So so fun. I have a small stand at the end of my drive and have my flowers in a small occasional shop. 2018 is going to bring more changes as I hope to bring my flowers to a flower exchange in St Paul, Mn called the twin cities flower exchange.

I tend to try to do everything at once, so please bear with me as I try to slow my thoughts down and share them with you in a sort of reasonable pattern. I hope that you enjoy my flower farming journey, my little tidbits about life and what I think are fabulous recipes! Most of course coming from ” Grandma and Mom” I know you, think your Mom’s is better…. isn’t it nice we all have some bias opinions!