5 Reasons you should love your spring garden.

I have written about 5 reasons to love your spring garden. There are actually probably 100+ reasons to love your spring garden but I settled on 5. I hope you enjoy the pictures and please leave me a comment about what your favorite reasons are to love your spring garden.

Tulips (Tulipa)

1. Tulips. Oh how I love tulips. These tulips poked up their heads up on February 26th. I was so shocked to see them so early. They are going to have to be divided and moved this year.  We are adding on an addition and they are in the way.  It is time they were divided. I am sure they have been here since the house was built. Tulips were imported to Holland in the 16th century and have kept us smiling all this time. This was an interesting read.

The meaning of Tulips

Yellow = cheerful thoughts

Red =Perfect love

White= forgiveness



2.  Sedum.  Sedum is a staple in my garden. They are super hardy ( need these kind) and you can use the stems in flower arrangements. Sedum is a large genus of flowering plants in the family which are commonly known as stonecrop. The Sedum family has about 600 species! Maybe in a few years I will be able to name them all for you.

bird feeder

3. Bird feeders. This trusty feeder attracts all kinds of birds. My favorite is a cardinal pair. This pair has been back 3 yrs in a row! I will try to snap a picture of them and post it. I need to fill it as you can tell.

more tulips

4. Shrubs. Shrubs are a staple to any landscape design. This guy was given to me last spring and I had to quickly plant it. It needs a new spot but we are enjoying the new red buds.


5. Peony. The burgundy shoots of the peony grabs my attention every spring. When they start to come up you can see an amazing difference every day. I have been reading a lot about peonies. There is a peony farm not far from me that I hope to visit this year. Check out the pictures they have. It looks amazing.


Our house was built in 1987, so I wonder if this peony plant was planted about then. I have to get a tree trimmed by it so it can have a bit more sunshine. I take out my camera with me when I work in the yard to try to capture the new things.

Chores for the flower farm this week

  • add compost to beds
  • add organic fertilizer
  • buy the landscape fabric
  • burn holes in fabric
  • build the sweet pea trellis
  • check on lavendar plants
  • finish sign for the flower trailer

Wow, that sounds like a lot. Somewhere in between I need to, do laundry, check homework, make meals….etc, etc. That is the thing with doing something you love. Somehow you always manage to fit everything else around it.