DIY Pumpkin centerpiece with dried flowers

With fall upon us and the cut flower season almost over, I thought I would share a post using the flowers I have dried. This DYI pumpkin centerpiece will be the talk of your thanksgiving table.  Nothing says fall like orange pumpkins and the leaves changing colors. The muted colors of the dried flowers go perfect with the fall palete of pumpkins. Use your imagination and have fun. This is  great project to do over coffee with your friends.


Above is a picture of the supplies you will need for the DYI pumpkin centerpiece. –

  • pumpkin
  • flower foam
  • a knife for cutting
  • craft glue (any brand)
  • a variety of dried flowers
  • grapevine wreath that your pumpkin will fit into

Wash the pumpkin with mild bleach water and wipe dry with a towel. Keep the stem attached. Cut an appropriate sized piece of the foam and press onto the stem. If the stem is really small add a drop of glue on the stem before pressing on the foam.

Cut the dried flowers into groups of various lengths and put your leaves and filler in separate piles.

Starting with the taller stems poke a hole into the foam with a sharp thin object. A wooden skewer works great, dip the end of the flower stem into the glue and insert into the hole.

Keep adding the flowers tallest on the top to shortest around the bottom of the foam until you have used all your dried flowers. Use the leaves and filler you have chosen to fill in where you can see the foam until covered. Look at the dried flower arrangement from all angles.

Thanksgiving centerpiece


This is such and easy DIY thanksgiving centerpiece project. Enjoy!

Linen apron

Hey, I have added a new products page to my blog. Here I will be selling linen aprons and market bags.  Here is the linen apron in the photo below. Guarenteed to be your favorite. I also have a fettish for Marimekko fabric. I will sure be adding products made from that to the page also.

Fun, versitile and becomes softer after every wash! Follow me to see newly added products. Check out the page here. I am trying to move my Etsy shop onto my blog to keep everything together. My Etsy shop has been a great experience. If anyone wants to try it you should. It is easy to use. With the garden and the blog I do not have space in my brain to also do Etsy. I will keep my shop open for the remainder of the year.

Here are a few quick pics from the garden.

Still more snapdragons
Starfire Dahlia