Flower trends in 2017

Like everything else these days, flowers too have trends. In 2017 the flower trend tends to be changing from earlier years. The power of the flower is still the same but the look and  colors are different. When you hear “flower power”, do you think of the bold oranges and greens of the 60’s and 70’s? I sure do.  What an era!! One of the main jobs of a flower farmer is to know which flower and look is trending at the moment. I have spent many hours reading flower books and doing research on this subject. Flower trends have taken a swing back in time. By the look of things carnations and chrysanthemums are making a come back.















In the April issue of Country Living Magazine, they listed the 10 flower trends that are going to be huge this year. Dahlia’s, hanging arrangements and fresh farm flowers were the top 3 flower trends on their list. I have a great fascination for dahlia’s. They are so amazing.


The trending colors for the flowers in 2017 are more muted then in years past. They are calming. With each one of us having busy lives running here and there, I can see why people are loving the calm serene colors. Pantone color of the year this year is called “Greenery” How appropriate! This will go well with the muted colors of flowers and the fresh farm flowers that are making it big.


I plan to grow dusty miller along with purple basil and babies breath for foliage. In my yard I have viburnum, raspberry bushes and dogwood that I also plan for foliage. Foliage is one thing that you absolutely need in a bouquet! It makes it so full and rich.


The word on the street is that heirloom carnations and chrysanthemums are making a come back! How exciting. It will be fun to find some seeds and give them a whirl.

5 Reason to give your Mom flowers

Every year I wonder what I should get my mom and mom in law for Mothers Day. Every year I think flowers.  It feels like it goes hand in hand doesn’t it? I put together a little note on 5 reasons to give your mom flowers. There is a lot of history in flowers! Interesting. Who knew?


Flowers speak their own language. Certain flowers mean certain things. Example, a rose means love and lilies are said to mean purity and grace. Here is a list of other flower meanings. It has been found that flowers have been dug up in ancient graves. They have a ceremonial meaning.  They are also a way of communicating without saying anything out loud. Mother’s Day makes up for about 24% of the cut flowers sold in the USA. That is quite a number of flowers!!


Flowers make you feel good and lift your spirits. According to a study done by Rutgers University, people who received flowers felt good almost immeditly.    In every case, the recipients responded to the flowers with a heartfelt smile.


Flowers bring back memories. Remember handing Mom a beautiful bouquet of freshly picked dandilions from the backyard. If you were to ask most women they would be able to tell you when they last received flowers from someone. Who they were from and why.


Cut flowers are beautiful. When you have a bouquet sitting on your table or desk you take a moment however brief to stop and reflect the color and shape. They scent of the cut flowers is also another reason for flowers beauty.


Flowers are a gift that expresses feelings. They communicate human emotion. If for some reason you are feeling down and your loved one brings you a bouquet of sweet smelling flowers you feel that persons love. When I am the one giving the flowers I feel like I am giving love.

I have loved flowers since I was a little girl. I remember being about 10 yrs old and trying to dig up the weeds in the back corner of our yard for my flower bed.  I think about that and smile.  So when I think about what to give for Mother’s Day, I smile and think “flowers”